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Boca Family Essentials to Survive the Summer Season (Safely)

October 19,2020

Well folks, it doesn’t look like the majority of us are leaving the Boca Raton area anytime soon. Summer vacations have been cancelled and most camps are iffy at best. And the worst part? COVID-19 is still a threat which means we should still be trying to stay home as much as possible. Despite the heat, my daughter and I always look forward to a fun summer every year. So, how’s a local family supposed to make the most of the South Florida season…safely? I’m sharing a list of essentials I’m personally investing in to survive and thrive this 2020 summer!

Pediatrician in Your Pocket

Boca VIPediatrics Waiting Room

Topping the list of essential services for Boca families who value personalized and accessible healthcare above all else is fan favorite, Boca VIPediatrics. A membership model for pediatric care, this “Disney hospitality” based pediatric office provides members 24/7 access to text, call, or email their family’s own personal board-certified pediatrician. There’s no nurse triage line or robot answering service. It’s your doctor’s cell phone, every single time. That peace of mind is priceless.

Their immaculate office also offers no wait times (the lobby, pictured above, is dubbed “the non-waiting room”), house calls for newborns, one family at a time appointments, virtual visits, and the very best pediatricians (in my humble opinion) in town. This practice prides itself on personalized service plus modern medicine and has been a game changer in Boca for parents since their inception in 2013. Whether our town is in phase 1 or phase 3, keeping your “pediatrician in your pocket” is one summer essential you’ll need all year in order to keep your children the healthiest and happiest.

Cold Drinks 24/7

I’m pretty sure my hot coffee was always cold and my cold water was always hot prior to owning my first YETI tumbler. These thermal cups have been a game changer for my family and I and summer really puts them to the test! We’re no longer using single-use plastic bottles and our drinks stay the temperature we want no matter what the season. I can’t live without them.

Private Play Dates

Now that social distancing is our new normal for a while, the traditional playdate is getting an essential upgrade. This summer, families can book private sessions at local play gyms like We Rock the Spectrum Boca Raton in 90-minute intervals for $90. Up to 5 children per family can spend their time in air conditioned splendor enjoying sensory and physically beneficial activities within a clean, safe and controlled environment.

Outdoor Furniture Improvement

Outer Sofa. Photo: Michelle Olson-Rogers

If your house has a pool, chances are you are going to be spending A LOT of time in it this summer. And when you’re not splashing around with your kiddos, us Boca moms are definitely going to need a super comfortable place to sit and monitor them. Enter: The Outer Sofa.

I’ve sat on countless outdoor sofas during my lifetime and Outer has got to be the world’s most comfortable, durable and innovative one. Each piece is modular and even comes with built in OuterShell™ covers to keep the cushions clean from dirt, water and debris when you’re not using it. Plus, the Outer Sofa is kid-proof! The fabric on the cushions (even the cream color) is stain-resistant and easy to clean with simple soap and water.

Delivery Dudes & Uber Eats

If you’re not grilling out or ordering in, is it even summer? I’m certainly not revving up my oven during the hottest months of the year. Instead, I’m scheduling Uber Eats to drop off essential summer treats like frozen yogurt from Giano Gelato in Boca Center and having Delivery Dudes pop by with Hibachi Nitro Ice Cream.

I also plan on ordering my favorite family meals from local restaurants at least once a week. Anything to make our lazy summer, just a little bit lazier and more relaxing for us Boca moms…

And that may be the most essential thing of all.